i'm elaina. i use she/they pronouns and i'm a filipino lesbian artist based in brooklyn, NY.

i graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 2016 with a degree in Computer Arts & Visual Effects and immediately landed myself in Framestore New York, one of the biggest VFX houses in the city, as a Nuke intern upon receiving my diploma. i am still currently with FSNY as a mid-level Nuke Compositor working on a wide variety of projects, commercial and episodic.

aside from a career as a Compositor, i love digital photography, drawing, and content creation. i've participated in many forms of content creation across all platforms over the years as a hobby and a way to flex several different creative muscles on a whim.

i am an extremely enthusiastic 5E dungeon master (thanks, Critical Role). my cat, yasha, is named after a D&D barbarian and people can't stop gifting me dice. i also love to stream on twitch where i can be found casting Overwatch games, learning League of Legends, or DMing a 5E campaign for my fiance and my closest friends. other unrelated hobbies include fitness, mealprepping, and watching cartoons.

where to find me

linkedin | email | instagram