Dungeons & Dragons

The Reckless Squad

The Reckless Squad is a D&D 5e group of adventurers whom I DM for and also happen to be my closest friends! The game takes place in Critical Role's Tal'Dorei setting. I have been very passionate about writing in the world created by Matt Mercer, as a welcomed consequence, ALL the games I DM take place in Exandria! My fiance, Ame, and I LOVE to play D&D together and I love to stream. So I put two and two together, made all the overlays from scratch using photoshop and OBS, and thus the stream was born. Maps and map assets done by 2 Minute Tabletop. Music & atmosphere by Syrinscape. Character portraits and stream overlays were done by me.

Raising HELL in Hupperdook!

My friends and I decided to stream a one-shot written in Critical Role's Hupperdook, but this game was special. Its contents and characters were driven donations made in support of a dear friend who needed aid. We raised $2,000, smashing our original $500 goal, which generated a VERY long one-shot as I had to do my best to get through all the donation rewards!

I produced, coordinated, broadcasted, and wrote the entire one-shot stream with my friends as my players and moderators for my chat/donations. The timeline was about 2 weeks for the entire project. This was the FIRST time I had ever created a full production on my own with stream overlays, widgets, and donation goals. We held two streams, one stream to create characters via donation raffles as well as creating the boss encounters they'll face, and the other stream was the game itself the next day. It lasted about 8.5 hours! Maps and map assets done by 2 Minute Tabletop. Music & atmosphere by Syrinscape.

If you'd like to ask more about the Donations Guidelines (with rewards such as magic items, character motivation, design-an-NPC, and natural 1/20s!) I wrote to drive the game, please contact me and I'd be happy to share! I believe the Donation Rewards were key to how successful the stream was.

Liar's Night in Emon!

Due to the COVID19 pandemic preventing any sort of high-social activities to celebrate certain holidays, I decided to write and produce a Halloween one-shot to stream with my friends and for anyone who didn't have any Halloween plans. This was a fun project as I got to create a themed production - it was very playful! I would love to do more holiday-themed games in the future.